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Company Profile

Our representative, Ron Hashiguchi, is an art production company established in 2007 as a venture company from Shizuoka University after graduating from Shizuoka Graduate School. 

A member organization A venture company from Shizuoka University

Company name Spray Art Exin Co., Ltd.

Representative Director Ron Hashiguchi

Established July 2007

Address 〒432-8013  2-38-7 Hirosawa, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka

Capital 6 million yen

Major banks Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

Business content Custom-made art planning and production

​Representative greeting

Do your job. We strive to "understand what our customers want and provide results that exceed expectations."
The company grows through uncompromising behavior, and the value of the work is increased by combining "technology" and "humanity".

Although it is a small company, we will continue to value the encounters with many people and make sincere efforts to make everyone who supports us the most happy in the world.  


Representative Director Ron Hashiguchi HASHIGUCHI RIN
Director of Hospital Art Promotion Association
2001 Entered the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Shizuoka University
In 2002, he met spray art in Canada, where he studied abroad for a short period of time, and after returning to Japan, he taught himself art.
2005 Graduated from Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Shizuoka University
2007 Completed the master's program at the Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Shizuoka University
Corporate history

2007 Established Spray Art Exin Co., Ltd., a venture company from Shizuoka University
2010 Mickel Art Development
2012 Commercialization of "Regional Coloring Book"
2013 Japan Dementia Care Society Ishizaki Award
2014 Japan Dementia Prevention Society Urakami Award
2014 Hospital Art Promotion Association established

2016 Increased capital to 6 million yen

2017 Group Leader, Evidence Creation Committee, Japan Society for the Prevention of Dementia
2017 Participation in local long-term care prevention business (Iruma City, Saitama Prefecture)
2017 "Regional coloring book" online sales start
2017 Mickel art video version devised

2018 Mickel Art Kids Edition devised 

Announcement of the 73rd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Childcare in 2020

Corporate Philosophy "Industrialization of Art"

・ A company that tackles social issues through art

・ A company that gives dreams to people all over the world through art

・ A company that gives dreams to children who like painting through art

the study

Together with Tokyo Medical and Dental University and other institutions, we are conducting research on "the effects of elderly people recollecting the past from pictures."  

Joint research results  (April 1, 2013-March 31, 2017)

Professor Yayoi Saito / Graduate School of Health Sciences, Tokyo Medical and Dental University


Technical advisor

Fumiyasu Yamada / Professor Emeritus, Shizuoka University Statistical Analysis


Research Advisor

We ask each specialist to cooperate according to the research theme.
Example) Elderly Society Research Institute 2013 Research Grant Program

・ Kumiko Nagata / Tokyo Dementia Research and Training Center

・ Dr. Yukimitsu Imai / Director of Wako Hospital

・ Koji Suzuki / Professor, Fujita Health University

・ Professor Yoshihiro Usami / Assistant Professor, Teikyo Heisei University

Research achievements


■ Background of the development of the long-term care medical field art "Mikkel Art" 

As the company name suggests, for several years after starting the business, we were engaged in the landscape formation business in the area by working on mural paintings centered on "spray art".


The turning point was in 2010 when I got the job of drawing spray art on the outer wall of a pay nursing home. Looking at the users of the facility while drawing the mural, I felt that there were few opportunities for communication because I only had to go back and forth between my room and the dining room. When asking the user, "What kind of picture do you want to see?", Many answer the scenery of their hometown, and the elderly people value their hometown and old memories. I found out. Conversations were lively, such as places of memories, play as a child, and stories of first love, and sometimes I talked with users for more than two hours. Looking at such users, I thought, "Let's make art that will trigger conversations that make you want to talk to someone!" Is the origin of Mickel art development. However, although I was able to draw pictures, I had no knowledge of the medical / nursing field. We steadily interviewed the issues at the nursing care site and what the elderly are looking for, and asked for their cooperation with specialized institutions. The effects of Mickel Art, which was shown through joint research with Tokyo Medical and Dental University, are highly evaluated for their contribution to dementia care. I received the Urakami Award.

"Mikkel" in Mickel Art means "find". This is because the person who sees the picture "finds memories" and "finds what he wants to do" while talking. For that reason, Mickel Art has been devised in many ways to make people look like a picture-like puzzle.


In the future, Mikkelart will continue research toward further evidence building that it is effective in preventing dementia and improving higher brain dysfunction.


■ Purpose and significance of Mikkel Art

To solve problems such as an aging society, a shortage of human resources in the nursing care field, isolation of the elderly in the community, and lack of communication through art.

Support message

I sympathize with Spray Art Exin Co., Ltd.'s corporate philosophy of "working on social issues through art."

We hope that the company's Mickel Art will expand "communication that can only be achieved by art" in medical / nursing care and childcare settings, and create an environment where various people can spend time comfortably. 

Mr. Hisashi Omichi

Professor Emeritus, Nihon University

Honorary Director of JCHO Yokohama Hospital

Chairman of the Japan Society for Medical Management

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