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Mickel in Mickel Art is derived from the word "find". Art drawn for the purpose of finding nostalgic memories and things that elderly people want to do is used as a communication tool for nursing care and medical facilities. In the field of childcare, it is used as a teaching material to foster children's thinking ability. There are currently 5 types of Mickel Art.

[For long-term care / medical care] Dementia prevention program

A picture that feels nostalgic for the user is drawn. Dementia prevention and improvement of peripheral symptoms can be expected by having the staff and the user talk about memories while looking at the same picture.

[For long-term care / medical care] Reduction of work burden and prevention of dementia

It is a video that can be enjoyed only by the user (30 minutes per video). During that time, the staff can concentrate on other tasks and can expect to reduce the workload. It encourages recollection by stimulating from hearing and sight.

~  "That time" in the modern space  ~

You can enjoy Mickel Art in your frame for ornamental purposes. It is popular not only as the entrance to nursing care facilities and hospitals, but also as the interior of individual homes. The painting version can be rented or purchased. 

[New construction / renovation] One custom-made mural in the world

I cherish the sense of presence that the person who sees the mural can enter the world. We plan, produce and construct based on the image of the owner. It can also be produced outdoors, and can be UV-blocked and flameproofed.

Foster the ability of children to think for themselves through art

①FBロゴ 案3.jpg

The Mikkel Art Kids Edition aims to foster the ability of children to think and act independently by decorating the art and creating an environment where children and childcare workers can think and exchange opinions while looking at the art. increase. 

In addition, it is expected that children's interests will expand and their ability to think and learn by themselves will be fostered by "seeing, knowing, and feeling" through art.

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