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Past works

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Development of art technology

Since I was a graduate student at Shizuoka University, I have been asked to make murals using custom-made art and spray cans. Even after establishing the company in 2007, we have been working on new housing, nursing care facilities, restaurants, etc. by utilizing the technology.

Sometimes I went to Germany and worked hard on international exchange through art at the Japan-Germany exchange event. 


Through each work, how to use colors, difference between outdoor and indoor construction methods, how to use paint, adhesion test to prevent paint from peeling from the base, to prevent deterioration of paint film by ultraviolet rays We have accumulated original research such as UV coating.

The 20-meter "Kinryu" produced at Asakusa Raikoshi's store was created in 2009, and although there is some deterioration, it still retains the color of the time. This is thanks to the generous technical cooperation of Akira Yoshida, President of Nichie Yoshida Co., Ltd., in our technological development. 


Based on these experiences, we have developed a unique technology that can be diverted to various media and media by converting the original image into data and increasing its versatility.  Currently, we do not produce art using spray cans, but we will produce art with further advanced technology. For more information, see Mickel Art , Mural Production , Design Painting Production .

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