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Social contributions

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▶ ︎Hospital Art Promotion Association

Mikkel Art, which we developed in 2010, is exhibited at many medical and long-term care institutions as "hospital art". HAA was founded with the desire to "alleviate the inconvenience of illness and treatment with photography and art." Our representative, Mr. Hashiguchi, also serves as a director of the Hospital Art Promotion Association. 

What is the Hospital Art Promotion Association?

If I could alleviate my worries and anxieties about illness and treatment through the exhibition activities of photographs and art ... That's why this project started.

This project aims to hold free photo and art exhibitions at hospitals and nursing homes, and to help people gather there to smile as much as possible through heartwarming art.

As part of our social contribution activities, this project is supported by various companies and individuals related to the medical and long-term care fields, as well as the support of creators.

Association overview

Association name Hospital Art Promotion Association

Established January 2014

Location 2-9 Kanda Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Inside Japan Shooter Co., Ltd.

Activities Free exhibition of art works

board member

Representative Director
Theory Hashiguchi (Spray Art Exin Co., Ltd.)
Hideaki Arai (Nippon Shooter Co., Ltd.)
Kakumyo Koichi (Rentic Chubu Co., Ltd.)
Hitoshi Kato (Konoike Construction Co., Ltd.)
Satoshi Nishizaki (Central Uni Co., Ltd.)
Tatsuki Masumoto (Seahonens Co., Ltd.)
Hiroshi Yamashita (Asahi Mutual Life Insurance Company)

List of member companies

Asahi Mutual Life Insurance Company

Apron World Co., Ltd.

Infic Co., Ltd.

Kami Shoji Co., Ltd.

Canon Marketing Japan Inc.

Konoike Construction Co., Ltd.

Mimatsudo Co., Ltd.

Sihonens Co., Ltd.

Central Uni Co., Ltd.

Spray Art Exin Co., Ltd.

Nippon Shooter Co., Ltd.

Matsunaga Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

Maruzen Co., Ltd.

Yakushin Co., Ltd.

Rentic Chubu Co., Ltd.


Click here for information on the Hospital Art Promotion Association (click the logo below)

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