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▶ ︎Mural painting

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Commitment to mural production

Our mural paintings focus on creating a sense of reality. For example, in the mural painting with the theme of tea plantation, each leaf is finished in the actual size so that the person who sees the mural painting can enter the world. We will plan, produce and construct according to the image of the owner.

In order to maintain quality, it is also possible to apply UV protection or flameproofing depending on the construction site.

Flow until art is completed

At our company, in order to provide high quality art while speedily performing on-site work so as not to interfere with the original work of the owner, we will proceed with the production according to the following flow. 

1. Inquiries

We will hear the following contents.

・ Purpose of use of art

・ Art size

・ Construction site (existing or new)

・ Environment of construction site

・ Business format (nursing facilities, hospitals, nursery schools, etc.)

・ Approximately desired image of the picture

2. We will issue a quotation and order form.

We always submit the quotation in writing.

3. Contract

Based on the contract, we will decide the construction period, construction method and quality.

4. Art planning

 The owner's feelings are drawn on the "completed image diagram" and the images are matched.

5. Art production

 Based on the completed image plan, we will finish the "original picture" of the art with attention to detail.

6. Art construction

 We will specially process the data-converted art and install it at each site. Construction can be completed in as little as a few days, even for large murals, so it has little impact on the entire construction work.

We will realize the world that the owner envisions with art.

If you have any questions , please feel free to contact us.

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