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Past works

▶ ︎Spray art

▶ ︎Order paint

Made-to-order paint (hand-painted paint)


So far, I have been involved in the production of more than 1000 items such as paintings as interiors, CAPs for dancers, helmets, hanten for festivals, and kimonos. In the work of the event, I was in charge of designing the entire live performance, and worked on various things such as posters, venue decorations, and goods.


We research the optimum paint for the material and accumulate the know-how to coat the coating film so that it does not deteriorate. We also try to adjust the colors and depiction methods according to the brightness of the place where the art is installed.  

  Currently, we do not produce art using spray cans, but we will produce art with further advanced technology. For more information, see Mickel Art , Mural Production , Design Painting Production .

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