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What is design production?

We are producing "original design drawings" to be published in various materials. So far, we have produced a wide range of art such as comprehensive design of events, design of art to be sent to home delivery lunch boxes for the elderly, art to be sent to handouts of housekeeping service companies, total design of stores, etc.

Flow until art is completed

We plan and produce art based on the wishes of the owner.

When using the completed design image in a pamphlet, etc., we will deliver the printed one. 

1. Inquiries

We will hear the following contents.

・ Purpose of use of art

・ Art size

・ Business format (nursing facilities, hospitals, nursery schools, etc.)

・ Approximately desired image of the picture

2. We will issue a quotation and order form.

We always submit the quotation in writing.

3. Contract

We will decide the delivery date and quality based on the contract.

4. Art planning

 The owner's feelings are drawn on the "completed image diagram" and the images are matched.

5. Art production

 Based on the completed image plan, we will finish the "original picture" of the art with attention to detail.

We will realize the world that the owner envisions with art.

If you have any questions , please feel free to contact us.

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